Bangla News

Bangla News
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Bangla News

Bangla News or news in bengali are now a days creates an urge demand in the market. Not only audiance or reader from Kolkata or West Bengal or Bangladesh but also now a days many Bengalees who are residing outsides try to get connected with the news through Bengali News presenting Web Media or News Channels. Some use to subscribe bengali newspaper also but the need of web media specially bengali web media delivering news in bangla or bengali is gradually increasing. The main reason is the wide spread of internet and easy accessibility.

Bangla News
Bangla News

The mother of news media was print media. After Samachar Darpan, the 1st Bengali News Paper was published by John Marshman from Bapist Mission, Sreerampore in 23/05/1818 the bangla news media born. Then onwards many paper contributed a lot to the nation, freedom moment and many revolutions. The prominent presence of Amrita Bazar, Sambad Prabhakar, Jugantar, Basumati, Anandabazar Patrika and others enriched Bengali News Media before the world.

Later on evolution of electronic media, Doordarshan solely took the responsibility of serving news in bangla through its bengali channel. In later stage some pvt channels also started broadcasting news and made bangla news in electronic media a popular tool of transforming news. In the further stage of development 24×7 news channels made electronic media more popular than print media. But parallely print media also kept thier important presence in the market presenting more detailed and elaborated news next morning. Moreover the habit of reading is more prominent in bengal’s culture which not only helped the existing print industry to survive but also encouraged new newspaper to come into the trade.

With further development of technology, widespread of internet and ofcourse popularity of social media, web media or digital media occupied a large part in news media. Now a days web media’s are serving in regional languages and bangla news is gaining more popularity. The fast presentation, easy language and informative structure of a news made web media more attractive.

At Khass Khabor we welcome technology as well as tradition. Our print media is holding that tradition of serving newspaper which is the mother of all media. Swachitra Khass Khabor, our print magazine is based on various type of news for all age group of people. Now with the advanced technology to serve our tech savy reader we are presenting digital media to deliver bangla news or bengali news over internet. We keep focus on delivering news on current happening as well as to update our readers with new technologies, new avenues.

Yes we dont hesitate to say this is a business. All news organizations are doing business like us but we need to remember this is not the business of grocer, butcher or broker. So while doing this business we should keep in mind we should not sell the news rather we should deliver the news, not only to deliver the news but to deliver the truth. Out motto says, “amra satyer pokkhe”. This is not to show a tag but we mean it. To us news is our religion and truth is our path to worship. We neither go to left, nor to right, we prefer walking straight keeping our backbone strong and to present the news not the story.

With the love and support of you all today we are growing gradually and hope this will help us to create another revolution in the industry, to show other yes truth can be presented apart from biassness. We have taken the oath that we will not sell our religion and will serve for the nation till the last drop of ink in our pen. We are the voice ‘of the people’ ‘for the nation’ and motivated ‘by the truth’.
Bande Bharatam

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